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Thursday, March 24, 2011


It is our great pleasure to invite the entire
Frisch School Community to


The culminating evening of our week-long Shiriyah begins at 7:30 p.m.
on Wednesday evening, March 30, 2011, in our Zayat Athletic Center

Our corridors, each of which is decorated by one of the grades,
will be open for visitor viewing at 6:30 p.m.

Dear Parent:

Shiriyah is not just a celebration of Frisch spirit, not just an excuse for all of us to have some fun—actually lots of fun—in the midst of the school year. Shiriyah is an integral part of the intellectual religious and communal life of the more than 700 teenagers and adults who spend their days at Frisch. It is an opportunity for each Frisch student to develop and demonstrate his/her talents and skills: leadership, artistic/musical/dramatic/choreographic creativity, Torah study and scholarship, and so much more. Shiriyah also brings grades together in friendship, teamwork and camaraderie. The best part of Shiriyah is the part parents don’t get to see: It’s the incredible sight of hundreds of kids working together, enjoying one another, older grades helping the freshmen, for hours each day and night and all day on Sunday as they prepare for Wednesday night’s performances.

This year the theme of Shiriyah is Jewish Leadership. Each grade represents one of the four prototypes of Jewish leadership discussed in Massechet Sanhedrin, the Gemara we are all studying this year:

Freshmen - Dayanim (Judges)
Sophomores - Kohanim (Priests)
Juniors - Nevi’im (Prophets)
Seniors - Melachim (Kings)

Throughout the next week our students will be learning about these concepts in special Shi’urim and learning to express them in song, art, Torah study, and in their daily interaction with one another and with their Rebbe’im and teachers. We hope you’ll be with us on Wednesday evening to see the culmination of their efforts, to tour each grade’s specially prepared corridor, and to share the incredible Ru’ach which will undoubtedly bust forth as it does each year.

Shiriyah is such an important part of life at The Frisch School that it would never occur to us to sell tickets of admission. But Shiriyah is very expensive. Just setting up the seating, audio-visual arrangements, and decorations in the gym is quite costly as is the extraordinary amount of material which goes into the kids’ transformation of the building into a Shiriyah theme park. Please consider making a contribution—online at or by check—to help sponsor this very worthwhile and exciting event.


Dr. Kalman Stein

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