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Friday, March 30, 2012

Mazal Tov to our Ulpaniada Math Contest Finalists!

We are so pleased to announce that Yael Fishel (Gr. 12) and Aliza Hochsztein (Gr. 11) have made it to the final round of the Ulpaniada Math Contest given through Michlalah Jerusalem College. They have been invited to Israel for four days to take the final test and to tour the country through the college. The winners of that last round will be awarded prizes by the Minister of Education, Mr. Gideon Sa'ar. This is an extremely impressive accomplishment which required not only strong math skills but also complex reasoning skills. To put the magnitude of this achievement in perspective, the competition began in the first round with approximately 2000 girls from Israel, USA, Canada, England, South Africa, France and Australia. There will be around 80 girls in the final of which 18 will be coming from outside of Israel especially for the event. That's the top 4%. Wow! We are so proud of them. Kol Hakavod also goes to our Math Chair, Mrs. Sabrina Bernath, and the entire Math Department for their tireless efforts on behalf of our students.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Frisch & the NORPAC Mission

I was planning to send this a week before Purim, not a week before Pesach, but bear with me;

I don't know if there's a midrashic source for this or if it's modern homiletics but I once heard the following question and answer: It seems that Haman gave King Ahashverosh ten thousand silver talents as an inducement to allow him to go ahead with his plan to destroy the Jews of the Persian Empire. DON'T STOP READING: THIS IS NOT AN APPEAL FOR MONEY. Why didn't the Jewish community, which probably was already pretty good at fundraising 2,500 years ago, simply up the ante and offer the King twenty thousand to say "No?" The answer I've heard is that the community couldn't unite even to save themselves: The wealthy wanted each family to pay an equal share, while the masses wanted a graduated tax which expected more from the propertied classes. And their inability to unite almost led to catastrophe.

An area in which our school and community has always been united is in its support of The State of Israel and in the goal to make sure that each Frisch student emerges from high school both with the sense of responsibility and the tools to serve as an advocate for Israel. We, therefore, work with our seniors each year and run our own student lobbying mission to Capitol Hill, and we encourage the parents of our students to participate in the annual NORPAC Mission to Washington and, if possible, to take their children with the.

So once again, we would like to encourage you to take advantage of an opportunity to experience an unforgettable day with your child. On Wednesday, May 9, 2012 NORPAC will be going to Washington, D.C. for its annual Mission. NORPAC is a bi-partisan political action committee with membership residing primarily in the greater metropolitan area and is a single issue PAC with the stated goal of strengthening the U.S./Israel relationship. Although students over 18 years old may join the Mission without a parent accompanying them we stress that the experience of sharing this day with your child of any age is memorable.

The Mission begins early in the morning with a 5:30am bus departure to Washington and return at approximately 9:30pm. Upon arrival participants are addressed by many Senators and Congressmen to brief them on the most current issues concerning the U.S./ Israel relationship. This is great preparation for the meetings with members of congress or and their aides that follow. Participants are pre-grouped into groups of 5-7 people. These small groups remain together and attend meeting in congressional offices throughout the day reinforcing to the members of congress about the many important reasons for the United States to continue to strongly support Israel. All participants receive materials ahead of time to prepare for their advocacy efforts and are encouraged to attend a pre-Mission Sunday morning breakfast briefing on the issues.

Frisch lends its support to this effort by granting an excused absence to any student who attends the Mission. Participants return exhilarated after having experienced the dynamic of democracy and importance of the electorate in our country.

Registration can be done only through the NORPAC website, and paid for by any major credit card. If you have any questions, please contact the NORPAC office at 201-788-5133.

-Dr. Kalman Stein

Adult Education Lunch and Learn Online

The following shiurim from Frisch’s Adult Education Lunch and Learns are now available online (video and supporting sources):

Rabbi Joshua Wald – ‘Designer Genes: Using Science to Pick the Child You Want’:

Ms. Racheli Weiss-Luftglass – ‘Does Music have a place in Judaism? A Historical Exploration of Jewish Music’:

Mrs. Rachel Besser – ‘Identity vs. Role Confusion: Understanding the Jews' Slavery and Liberation from a Psychological Perspective’:

We look forward to seeing you at our final Lunch and Learn after Pesach.

Chag Kasher vSameach.

The Frisch School

Monday, March 26, 2012

Designer Genes- Using Science to Pick the Child You Want by Rabbi Joshua Wald

On Monday, December 12, 2011, our Mashgiach Ruchani, Rabbi Joshua Wald, presented an Adult Education Lunch and Learn Lecture at The Frisch School on the topic, "“Designer Genes: Using Science to Pick the Child You Want”".

You can watch the lecture and see the slideshow presentation below. Enjoy!

Identity vs. Role Confusion: Understanding the Jews' Slavery and Liberation from a Psychological Perspective by Mrs. Rachel Besser

Last Thursday, March 22, Mrs. Rachel Besser presented an Adult Education Lunch and Learn Lecture at The Frisch School on the topic, "Identity vs. Role Confusion: Understanding the Jews' Slavery and Liberation from a Psychological Perspective". The lunch and learn was sponsored by the Zilberschmid's in memory of Itai Zilberschmid.

You can watch the lecture and read the sources for this talk below. Enjoy!

Source sheet for Identity vs. Role Confusion by Mrs. Rachel Besser

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Memory and Legacy Form for Yom Hashoah 5772/2012

As a part of a meaningful  commemoration of Yom Hashoah 5772, we ask for the participation of Frisch students and their families who have been  impacted by the Holocaust through the experience of a relative who is/was a survivor. Please share a narrative that we can display in the halls of our school. You can do this by filling in the form below, and submitting it. Since photographs and documents are very helpful in making the Holocaust resonate with our students, please also email 1-2 photographs and/or documents to  If you are unable to scan your materials, please submit them to the Academic Office in a sealed envelope, clearly marked with your name and contact information. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: TUESDAY APRIL 3, 2012.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Root for your Frisch Cougars in the MYHSL Championship!

Root for your
Frisch Cougars
in the MYHSL Championship!

This Coming Sunday March 18

Girls Junior Varsity Basketball v. Ramaz
11:30 A.M.
Boys Varsity Basketball v. SAR
4:45 P.M.

Queens College
Reeves Ave and 153rd Street
Flushing, New York

Girls Varsity Volleyball Championship
March 20 9:30 p.m.

Heschel High School
20 West End Aveneue
New York, NY 10024

Go Cougars!

Congratulations to our Girls Varsity Volleyball team!

Congratulations to our Girls Varsity Volleyball team!

They will be playing in the Championship Game
March 20th about 9:30pm (after JV which start 8:15pm)

The game is at the Heschel High School
20 West End Avenue New York, NY 10024
(212) 246-7717

Come support your COUGARS!!

Congratulations to the Frisch Model Congress Team who competed at the Yeshiva Model Congress in Great Neck yesterday!

Congratulations to the Frisch Model Congress Team who competed at the Yeshiva League Model Congress in Great Neck yesterday.

Sixteen of our eighteen bills that were introduced by our participants were adopted by the various “congressional “ committees. Even one that proposed to raise the Social Security age to 73…won’t tell you whose proposal that was…

Special congratulations go to the following who achieved special honors:
Honorable mentions went to Ori Cohen, Eric Brauner from their individual committees.

Best Delegate awards went to Michael Finkelstein, Jake Berman, Zach Flamholz, and Josh Fishman for the best presentations and most significant participation in their individual committees.

Support the Frisch Parents Association Online Auction

What: The first-ever Frisch Online Auction
When: 24/7 bidding will take place April 22- 30, 2012

Why Get Involved?

  • Because it’s fun!!!
  • Because participating in the FPA’s online auction is a great way to show your support for the FPA. 
  • Because the funds raised will help support FPA programs and events that enrich the lives of each and every student at Frisch.
  • Because you could take home all kinds of fantastic things!

What’s Up for Grabs?
We’ve got close to 400 items up for bid – so you’re sure to find something great to take home, or give as a gift, like …
Item #1 Two Legends 3rd row seats to a Yankee game including food
Item #2 Diamond pendant heart necklace
Item #3 One week summer stay in Netanya apartment overlooking the ocean
… and much, much more!

The Frisch Online Auction site will be live for previewing on April 17.

We hope you’ll tell your friends and family about the Frisch Partent Association’s Online Auction too. It’s as simple as clicking on the “Tell a Friend” button on the website’s front page!
With your participation, you can help make the Frisch Parents Association first-ever Online Auction a success!

Get Involved and Start Bidding April 22-30, 2010!

Have a question? A suggestion?

Auction Co-Chairs
Esther Friedman, Shira Jacobs, Batya Paul

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adult Education Lunch and Learn: Identity vs. Role Confusion: Understanding the Jews’ Slavery and Liberation from a Psychological Perspective

Please join us for a

Identity vs. Role Confusion:
Understanding the Jews’ Slavery and Liberation from a Psychological Perspective

Presentation by:
Mrs. Rachel Besser, Tanakh Faculty
Thursday, March 22, 2012
12 noon

The Frisch School
The Henry & Esther Swieca Family Campus
The Mordecai & Monique Katz Academic Building
120 West Century Road, Paramus, NJ
Co-Sponsored by the FPA      
RSVP required:

Monday, March 5, 2012

Does Music Have a Place in Judaism? A Historical Exploration of Jewish Music By Racheli Weiss-Luftglass

Last Wednesday, February 29, Ms. Racheli Weiss-Luftglass presented an Adult Education Lunch and Learn Lecture at The Frisch School on the topic, "Does Music Have a Place in Judaism? A Historical Exploration of Jewish Music".

You can watch the lecture, see the slideshow presentation, and read the sources for this talk below. Enjoy!

Sources for Music of the Soul by Ms Racheli Weiss-Luftglass

You are invited - Yom Iyun on March 18th

Frisch RealSchool invites you to
Sunday, March 18
4:00-7:00 PM
at The Frisch School

Please join us for a Yom Iyun created and run entirely by Frisch students.
4:00-4:15: Welcoming remarks
4:15-4:55: Session one*
5:00-5:40: Session two
5:45-6:25: Session three
*Attendees choose one lecture per session from a selection of three
6:25-7:00: Art exhibit; Dinner courtesy of Fish of the C’s

To sponsor, contact:
Miriam and Dan Michael in memory of his father, Kenneth Michael, Shmuel ben Meir (a”h)
Andrea and Ronald Sultan
Francine and Ari Weisbrot in memory of her mother, Brenda Marion Silverman, Maryom Brauna bat Ephraim
Corporate Sponsors:
Fish of the C’s

Frisch RealSchool Yom Iyun Committee:
Ben Atwood (’14)
Eliana Bessler (’12)
Michaela Elias (’12)
Oriel Farajun (’14)
Aliza Hochsztein (’13)
Ariella Levie (’12)
Akiva Mattenson (’13)
Eddie Maza (’13)
Zach Narin (’14)
Rachel Rolnick (’12)
Penina Warburg (’13)
Solomon Wiener (’14)

Art Exhibit:
Laura Friedman (’13)
Melissa Maza (’14)
Eliana Pickholz (’13)
Karen Segal (’13)
Sheer Singer (’13)
Rebecca Zakheim (’13)

Marketing and Event Materials:
Isabelle Berman (’14)
Laura Friedman (’13)
Jamie Lebovics (’14)
Marni Loffman (’14)
Gabrielle Schlakman (’13)
Danya Schlussel (’13)
Penina Warburg (’13)
Rebecca Zakheim (’13)

Faculty Adviser:
Tikvah Wiener

Thursday, March 1, 2012



The Frisch Auction is right around the corner, and we would love for the entire parent body to get involved in supporting this fundraiser that enables the FPA to continue to provide quality events and programs for Frisch students including our upcoming annual cultural event and the school-wide Yom Ha’atzmaut barbecue.

You can access a solicitation letter here: Solicitation Letter Link. Please print out as many as you like and take them with you as you go about your day. The next time you go into your favorite store, or if there’s a place of business that you frequent, please ask if they would donate a gift certificate, item or service. Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst anyone can say is “no.”

We are looking for specialty items, luxury items, unique experiences, and those priceless items that will truly drive excitement and bring everyone out to participate in our first ever auction! If you know someone who knows someone, we want to know about them!

When you get a commitment, please fill out the donation intake form here: Donation Intake Form Link and drop it off at the school office or scan and email it to any one of our Auction Co-Chairs: Shira Jacobs, Esther Friedman, Batya Paul
Thank you in advance for your participation and for helping to make this our most successful FPA fundraiser.


Julie Lobel

Amy Albalah

Lisa Gronowitz

FPA Co-Presidents