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Friday, April 29, 2011

Community-Wide Yom HaShoah Program @ Frisch

Yom HaShoah - Holocaust Memorial Day
YIZKOR – Remembrance Service
for the 6,000,000 JEWISH MARTYRS

Sunday, May 1, 2011 / 27 Nisan 5771 at 11:00 AM
The Frisch School
120 West Century Road, Paramus, New Jersey

Featuring the first-ever, live broadcast from Auschwitz of a March of The Living Yom HaShoah Ceremony

For additional information call your synagogue or Dr. Wallace Greene 201-873-3263

Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the winners are...

Last month, we had our 9th Grade Fully Integrated Day of Learning on the topic of Fate and Free Will. All ninth grade students watched the movie Gattaca, which is devoted to the theme of genetic engineering, and then students attended five different sessions in different disciplines on this important topic. You can read a full description of this day in a previous posting here: Fate and Free Will: The Grade Nine Integrated Day of Learning.

As a summative assessment of their learning on this day, all ninth graders worked in pairs on PowerPoint presentations that both summarized the content of two or more of the sessions and extended this content to new areas based on their original research. Today, the two winning PowerPoint presentations created by four very hard-working and talented students were announced. You can view the presentations below.

First Place: Fate and Free Will by Isabelle Berman and Ariela Rivkin

Second Place: Eugenics, Fate and Free Will by Yael Zeldin and Ari Spitzer

Congratulations to our winners!!!

Frisch Students Help Build Houses in New Orleans With Habitat For Humanity

NCSY and Frisch partner for New Orleans Chessed Mission

Ten juniors from The Frisch School traveled last week to New Orleans to take part in an NCSY sponsored Chessed mission.

While in New Orleans, students worked with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild a home in the devastated Ninth Ward.

“I was shocked to see that so much of New Orleans was still destroyed,” said Frisch student Yosepha Sebrow (2012, Teaneck). “I would have thought that so many years later everything would have been fixed. It is so important that we made this trip because it is volunteers like us who are helping to rebuild New Orleans.”

“Our students learned a very important lesson while in New Orleans,” said Rabbi Mark Staum, the Frisch advisor on the trip. “As Jews we need to be at the forefront of the volunteer response to disasters. Our students gained so much from their time working as volunteers. They learned that not only do the people for whom you are rebuilding a house benefit, but as volunteers, they personally benefit from the time they spend working on these important projects.”

As part of the trip, the students toured the lower Ninth Ward to see many of the areas that were destroyed during Hurricane Katrina that have yet to be rebuilt. Following the tour of the Ninth Ward, the students took an tour of the destroyed Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue in Lakeview and visited the cemetery where the Beth Israel Torah Scrolls and Seforim (religious books) that were destroyed when the synagogue flooded during Hurricane Katrina were buried.

“The visit to the Shul and cemetery was particularly emotional for me,” said David Moed, a junior from Englewood, NJ. “Seeing the devastation caused by Katrina was very moving. This experience showed me the importance of helping communities affected by disasters and the need to stand with those who are affected.”

Frisch Students also spent a morning with elementary school students at the New Orleans Jewish Day School in Metairie. The Frisch students gave classes about the upcoming Pesach holiday and worked with the students on a variety of educational arts and crafts projects.

Students on the mission also spent one afternoon at a local nursing home entertaining and visiting the home’s residents.

Frisch Golf & Bike Outing - Now with Pilates!


The Second Annual
Frisch School
Family Golf & Bike Outing

Monday, June 20, 2011


Stay Tuned: More Exciting
Details After Pesach

Volunteers needed! Email to help out.

For more information visit or email

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kol HaKavod! National Latin Exam Results

Kol HaKavod (which is Congratulations in Latin) to the many Frisch students who excelled on the National Latin Exam and to their teacher, Dr. Jillian Davidson:

Grade 9: Purple ribbons for outstanding achievement to Abigail Katcoff, Benjamin Glass, Caroline Brauner, and Jonathan Brauner.
Achievement certificates to Noah Potash and Sam Rochlin.

Grade 10:
Gold Summa Cum Laude medalsto Elisheva Rosen, Helena Goodman, Jordana Gross, Avigayil Weinberger, Josh Bock and Karen Segal.

Grade 11:
Maxima Cum Laude to Rachel Blumenthal and Eric Brauner; Magna Cum Laude To Elliot Finkelstein; Cum Laude to Danielle Orenshein. Rachel Rolnick, a junior, took the more advanced exam taken by seniors and earned a Gold Summa Cum Laude award.

Grade 12: Jesse Gruber achieved a Magna Cum Laude.

"Macte virtute, sic itur ad astra"
(Those who excel, thus reach the stars!)

ALSO Kol HaKavod to Elliot Finkelstein who has been named NJ Regional Winner of this year's Chidon HaTanakh.

Tikvah High School Scholars Program @Frisch

Next year, for the third year since its inception, The Frisch School will be one of a handful of Jewish high schools participating in the Tikvah High School Scholars Program.

Selected Seniors--see below--spend the year in a special seminar which deals with sophisticated issues in Jewish Thought led by two teacher-mentors. This seminar is taken in lieu of the Nach elective taken by all other seniors. Besides the regular three-times-each-week seminar, these students and the Tikvah Scholars from the other schools attend three weekend conferences on a college campus--typically very early September, mid-year, and June--at which they study with prominent academics. Students are also required to present a major research paper on which they work through the year with their mentors.

Why undertake this additional work? Yes, it does look good on college resumes but, to be frank, it's unlikely that this plays a major role in colleges' admissions decisions. The one and only good reason to participate is to experience the intellectual and religious excitement and ferment of the seminars and conferences.

How are participants selected? Tikvah limits each school's contingent to a rather small number, typically to about six students per school. Students are required to complete and submit a substantial application--as the kids know, they are now available in the academic office--by May 20. The Tikvah Foundation's admissions committee chooses the applicants it wants to interview, interviews them in school, and makes its selections. The choices at Frisch--other schools use other methods--are made exclusively by the Tikvah Foundation: We do not pick and choose from amongst the many wonderful Frisch students who apply each year.

Next year, for the first time, Frisch has decided to admit several other qualified students, that is, qualified students who had applied but not been admitted by Tikvah, to the in-school seminars. These students will gain a great deal from this sophisticated seminar but only the small group chosen by Tikvah are invited by Tikvah to the weekend conferences. (These additional students will not be required to submit the major research presentation).

We encourage our brightest, most intellectually motivated and curious students to consider this opportunity.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Extra Torah @FrischSchool

Congratulations to Michael Rochlin (Grade 12) who just completed an excellent Shiur to his schoolmates on various aspects and modalities of the recitation of Hallel throughout the year. He specifically zeroed in on the singing of Hallel in Sepharadi and some Ashkenazi Shuls on the first two nights of Pesach and on the nature of the Hallel we say at the Seder.

Please remember that all parents and students are invited to prepare for Pesach at tonight's (8:00 pm) adult education program: Rabbi Eli Ciner will be speaking about Bedikat Chametz, which is not only timely but also is the first topic our students will be studying when they begin their study of Massechet Pesachim next fall. Dr. Shira Weiss will be dealing with Pesach from a philosophic perspective: Free Will and Divine Providence in the Exodus Narrative.

We are very excited to inform you that on Thursday morning after Shacharit tenth graders Zachary Flamholz and Yisroel Quint and their Rebbie, Rabbi Joshua Wald, will be making a Siyum for the sophomore class on Massechet Megillah which the three of them have been studying together in their free time.

Frisch Chessed Mission to NOLA

The eleventh graders who participated in the Chessed Mission to New Orleans where they worked for Habitat for Humanity and interactted with the local Jewish community returned to school Yesterday morning. We received this beautiful letterfrom the Shul in New Orleans:

Dear Rabbi Mark Staum, Mr. Aaron Keigher, the administration of The Frisch School, and Rabbi Ethan Katz of NJ NCSY,

On behalf of Congregation Beth Israel, I wanted to thank you for bringing such a wonderful, mature group of students to visit our community. We host many different groups every month, but found our experience with your students to be exceptional. Their eager participation in Tefillah and the Seudot enhanced Shabbat for everyone. We hope in some small way that they too were inspired with their visit to our resurging community.

The students clearly feel a special warmth towards their school, which is so admirable, and speaks volumes about the program at the Frisch School. We were also all taken by their respect and connection with their advisors. On a personal level, it was a pleasure to share Shabbat with them all, and we welcome them and another group at any time.

May you all continue to find nachas from your good work.

Chag Kasher ViSameach,


Rabbi Uri Topolosky

MSG Varsity Shiriyah Video

MSG Varsity filmed bits of Shiriya.

Doesn't quite do justice to Shiriya but still......

Tikvah Lecture Series: Dr David Shatz @Frisch

This morning more than 100 students participated in the third instalment of our Tikvah Lecture Series. Dr David Shatz, Professor of Philosophy at Yeshiva U., Associate Professor of Religion at Columbia, and editor of Torah u-Maddah Journal, led a vibrant and thought-provoking discussion on philosophical and halakhic considerations of ethical dilemmas. Students gained an appreciation of the different types of factors that go into an ethical decision (utility, act, virtue, etc.) which led them to the conclusion that the 'right' act is not always the 'good' act. The presentation was extremely interactive as students weighed in on what they perceived to be the proper mode of conduct in the challenging cases that were presented. They came to understand the complexity of each dilemma and the diversity of opinions among their peers. Many students continued the discussion with Dr Shatz long after his presentation concluded.

The Lecture Series exceeded our expectation, as many more students than we anticipated chose to participate in the program and benefitted from the scholarship and expertise of our presenters. We hope to expand the program in the coming year, affording students more opportunities to interface with scholars and to engage in serious thinking about the interplay between Judaic Studies and Western Thought.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Frisch Dance Team Performance



Take a break from your work and Pesach preparations. Come show your support while you enjoy the award winning

Frisch Competition Dance Team

in their annual end of year showcase for the benefit of the KAHAL Tzedakah Society.
This is always a wonderful performance with a variety of dance genres highlighting
the members' talents and teamwork. You'll be glad you came!!


7:30 PM

AUDITORIUM (back of shul)

$7.00 (donation)

For more information or questions contact Kimberly Bernstein, Dance Team Captain, at or any Dance Team member.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Frisch Dance Team

Mailing Address:
The Frisch School
120 West Century Road
Paramus, NJ 07652

Contact Name: The Frisch School
Telephone Number: (201) 267-9100

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pesach Adult Education Program

Please join us for our
Tuesday, April 12th, at 8:00 P.M.

"The Halachik Search Party": An Analysis of the Debate Regarding Bedikat Chametz
Presented by Rabbi Eli Ciner

Free Will and Divine Providence in the Exodus Narrative
Presented by Dr. Shira Weiss
The Frisch School
The Henry & Esther Swieca Family Campus
The Mordecai & Monique Katz Academic Building
120 West Century Road, Paramus, NJ
Refreshments following the presentations

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Skype Conference @FrischSchool with Ulpanat Harel, Nahariya, Israel

We've just had another successful Skype conference between our school and Ulpanat Harel, a religious Zionist high school in Nahariya, Israel. Nahariya is the sister community of our UJA Federation of Northern NJ.

3 months ago, we began an integration project with Ulpanat Harel, Nahariya about the Holocaust from unique and different aspects. It is a multi-disciplinary project studied in different lessons with several teachers, all dealing with the Holocaust, in English lessons, History lessons and Machshevet Israel lessons.

About a month ago, we held a Holocaust Integration Day in which all the students at both schools participated. This integration day was described in detail in a previous blog post here: Holocaust Integration Day @ Frisch.

Today, we had the Skype conference, dealing with "Jewish Heroism"(Gvura Yehudit), and our responsibility as the young Jewish generation in Israel and in the world to prevent crimes against humanity.

Over a dozen students from both sides discussed the subject, asked questions, and gave their own perspectives on the topic.

This is the opportunity to thank our teachers at both schools - Mrs. Mercedes Hadad and Mrs. Merav Mazuz of Ulpanat Harel, Nahariya and Mrs. Dafna Zilbershmid, Head of our Hebrew Department, Mrs. Tikvah Weiner, Head of our English Department and Co-Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky, our Director of Educational Technology for their devotion and commitment to this project. We would also like to thank Mrs. Ella Regev for serving as our teacher/facilitator for today's event.