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Thursday, April 14, 2011

And the winners are...

Last month, we had our 9th Grade Fully Integrated Day of Learning on the topic of Fate and Free Will. All ninth grade students watched the movie Gattaca, which is devoted to the theme of genetic engineering, and then students attended five different sessions in different disciplines on this important topic. You can read a full description of this day in a previous posting here: Fate and Free Will: The Grade Nine Integrated Day of Learning.

As a summative assessment of their learning on this day, all ninth graders worked in pairs on PowerPoint presentations that both summarized the content of two or more of the sessions and extended this content to new areas based on their original research. Today, the two winning PowerPoint presentations created by four very hard-working and talented students were announced. You can view the presentations below.

First Place: Fate and Free Will by Isabelle Berman and Ariela Rivkin

Second Place: Eugenics, Fate and Free Will by Yael Zeldin and Ari Spitzer

Congratulations to our winners!!!

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