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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Skype Conference @FrischSchool with Ulpanat Harel, Nahariya, Israel

We've just had another successful Skype conference between our school and Ulpanat Harel, a religious Zionist high school in Nahariya, Israel. Nahariya is the sister community of our UJA Federation of Northern NJ.

3 months ago, we began an integration project with Ulpanat Harel, Nahariya about the Holocaust from unique and different aspects. It is a multi-disciplinary project studied in different lessons with several teachers, all dealing with the Holocaust, in English lessons, History lessons and Machshevet Israel lessons.

About a month ago, we held a Holocaust Integration Day in which all the students at both schools participated. This integration day was described in detail in a previous blog post here: Holocaust Integration Day @ Frisch.

Today, we had the Skype conference, dealing with "Jewish Heroism"(Gvura Yehudit), and our responsibility as the young Jewish generation in Israel and in the world to prevent crimes against humanity.

Over a dozen students from both sides discussed the subject, asked questions, and gave their own perspectives on the topic.

This is the opportunity to thank our teachers at both schools - Mrs. Mercedes Hadad and Mrs. Merav Mazuz of Ulpanat Harel, Nahariya and Mrs. Dafna Zilbershmid, Head of our Hebrew Department, Mrs. Tikvah Weiner, Head of our English Department and Co-Coordinator of Interdisciplinary Studies, and Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky, our Director of Educational Technology for their devotion and commitment to this project. We would also like to thank Mrs. Ella Regev for serving as our teacher/facilitator for today's event.

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