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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Extra Torah @FrischSchool

Congratulations to Michael Rochlin (Grade 12) who just completed an excellent Shiur to his schoolmates on various aspects and modalities of the recitation of Hallel throughout the year. He specifically zeroed in on the singing of Hallel in Sepharadi and some Ashkenazi Shuls on the first two nights of Pesach and on the nature of the Hallel we say at the Seder.

Please remember that all parents and students are invited to prepare for Pesach at tonight's (8:00 pm) adult education program: Rabbi Eli Ciner will be speaking about Bedikat Chametz, which is not only timely but also is the first topic our students will be studying when they begin their study of Massechet Pesachim next fall. Dr. Shira Weiss will be dealing with Pesach from a philosophic perspective: Free Will and Divine Providence in the Exodus Narrative.

We are very excited to inform you that on Thursday morning after Shacharit tenth graders Zachary Flamholz and Yisroel Quint and their Rebbie, Rabbi Joshua Wald, will be making a Siyum for the sophomore class on Massechet Megillah which the three of them have been studying together in their free time.

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