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Monday, March 5, 2012

You are invited - Yom Iyun on March 18th

Frisch RealSchool invites you to
Sunday, March 18
4:00-7:00 PM
at The Frisch School

Please join us for a Yom Iyun created and run entirely by Frisch students.
4:00-4:15: Welcoming remarks
4:15-4:55: Session one*
5:00-5:40: Session two
5:45-6:25: Session three
*Attendees choose one lecture per session from a selection of three
6:25-7:00: Art exhibit; Dinner courtesy of Fish of the C’s

To sponsor, contact:
Miriam and Dan Michael in memory of his father, Kenneth Michael, Shmuel ben Meir (a”h)
Andrea and Ronald Sultan
Francine and Ari Weisbrot in memory of her mother, Brenda Marion Silverman, Maryom Brauna bat Ephraim
Corporate Sponsors:
Fish of the C’s

Frisch RealSchool Yom Iyun Committee:
Ben Atwood (’14)
Eliana Bessler (’12)
Michaela Elias (’12)
Oriel Farajun (’14)
Aliza Hochsztein (’13)
Ariella Levie (’12)
Akiva Mattenson (’13)
Eddie Maza (’13)
Zach Narin (’14)
Rachel Rolnick (’12)
Penina Warburg (’13)
Solomon Wiener (’14)

Art Exhibit:
Laura Friedman (’13)
Melissa Maza (’14)
Eliana Pickholz (’13)
Karen Segal (’13)
Sheer Singer (’13)
Rebecca Zakheim (’13)

Marketing and Event Materials:
Isabelle Berman (’14)
Laura Friedman (’13)
Jamie Lebovics (’14)
Marni Loffman (’14)
Gabrielle Schlakman (’13)
Danya Schlussel (’13)
Penina Warburg (’13)
Rebecca Zakheim (’13)

Faculty Adviser:
Tikvah Wiener

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