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Monday, September 19, 2011

To Discuss at Home

Rabbi David Sher speaks to our students about upcoming events at the UN this week.

As I wrote on Friday, Rabbi David Sher, who coordinates all of our Israel education/advocacy programs and serves as faculty advisor to the students' Israel advocacy group (AISAC), ran a wonderful program today to educate our students about all that will be going on this week at the UN re: Durban and the Unilateral Palestinian Declaration of Statehood. He also gave them several great recommendations for how each student can do his/her part for Israel in and out of school. Please discuss with your son/daughter what they learened and experienced today. Any feedback would be welcome.

These are the links to the petition drive and to some of the short videos the kids saw:

The petition:

Introductory Video

Durban III Rally Video

Incitement Video 1

Incitement Video 2

Also, the links to the AISAC Facebook and Twitter sites: (Can be accessed at home but not in school). (Can be accessed in school, too)

-Dr. Kalman Stein

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