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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yom HaShoa Program at Frisch – Please join us

This coming Thursday morning, April 19th, Frisch will be hosting a special Yom HaShoa program. Mr. Walter Spier, grandfather of our own Rabbi J.Z.Spier, will be sharing his experiences and memories of surviving the concentration camps and of his liberation. For nearly 67 years, Mr. Spier has been hard at work trying to contact the family of U.S. Captain Michael Levy, the American soldier who liberated him from Mathausen. Through many examples of Hashgacha Pratit (Divine providence) that search has come to a successful end. Please feel free to join us Thursday morning in the Frisch Auditorium at 10:20am, as Rabbi Spier and his grandfather take the opportunity to personally express their gratitude to Captain Levy’s family as they all come together for this program.

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