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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Frisch Africa Encounter: update

The Interdisciplinary Department has launched the Frisch Africa Encounter for the Sophomores, whose integrated theme is exploration. The students this year are learning Sefer Shmot, and one of the key lessons of the book is that we should treat the foreigner with kindness because we were strangers in Egypt. Students have begun to explore that idea by creating artwork based on the silhouette art of African-American artist Kara Walker, whose work tracks the plight of African Americans in the antebellum South. Students are busy making their own silhouettes based on the plight of B'nai Yisrael in Egypt. 

Students in English class have read about Nigerian refugee Little Bee in Little Bee or the Price family's horrific attempt to missionize in 1960's Congo, as depicted in The Poisonwood Bible. One student used lessons from her American history course to connect the way Europeans treated Native Americans with how the West has treated Africa. French II is spending time discussing French colonization of the African continent. 

Coming next week: Smadar Goldstein, of Jewish EdTech Solutions (JETS) in Israel, will give an interactive webinar to the sophomores on the integration of Ethiopian Jewry into Israeli society. The Hebrew Language department will be teaching the sophomores a song about Ethiopian Jewry in order to prepare for the event.

Remember to support the sophomores in their Green-a-thon!

-Mrs. Tikvah Wiener

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