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Monday, November 7, 2011

Sophomore Slam

Dear Parents:

All day long the Sophomore hallway has reverberated with excitement, singing and good memories of the Sophomore Slam.

Your children were simply extraordinary. The best part of the trip for the adults was watching the grade come together as a whole, while witnessing new friendships develop between our students. The Sophomores enthusiastically cooperated and participated in every aspect of the program. Whether it was dancing by Niagara Falls, hanging out in the hotel lobby, spirited ruach at Kabbalat Shabbat and the Frisch Tisch, or the moving slow shira as Shabbat departed, we have never seen a grade come together quite like this. Many of the faculty remarked that the experience felt much like that of a Senior Trip. The magical feeling that occurred on the trip was much easier to experience than it is to describe. It was a wonderful Shabbat.

The theme of the Sophomore Slam was transitions. Our tenth- graders are in the heart of their high school experience, and sessions were crafted to provoke thoughtful discussions regarding significant and meaningful transitioning; social, religious and intellectual. The concept of water, and the figure R' Akiva, were used as paradigmatic symbols of successful evolutions.

The faculty that accompanied the tenth-graders were crucial to the success of the trip. Rabbis John Krug, Josh Wald, Jonathan Feldman and Michael Zauderer, along with Mrs. Ahuva Mantel led engaging sessions and shiurim. Mrs. Debra Pearlman worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that every detail was made possible. Rabbi David Sher crafted the sessions and memorable slide show. Finally, Rabbi David Goldfischer's exceptional combination of creativity, substance and brilliance allowed our students to have the unforgettable experience which occurred. Frisch is very fortunate to have such a caring Rebbe and Director of Student Activities.

Our hope is that the success of the Sophomore Slam will serve as a springboard for our students as they begin a critical year. Please contact us if we can assist the process in any way.

Rabbi Eli Ciner

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