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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Why do you give?

Why do you give to the Abraham Kremer Memorial Scholarship Campaign at The Frisch School?

"Frisch has been our partner in laying a solid foundation for our children's Jewish future.  Our three children have graduated Frisch and are each in different stages of life, with each taking their own path.  Yet the constants in their lives that remain are their connection and devotion to the Jewish community, Torah, Israel and to family.  They were each leaders of the Jewish community on their college campuses. The middot that were nutured and cultivated at Frisch remained with them throughout their college years and beyond. Their connection to Frisch, both the school itself as well as the strong bonds they developed there, endures."
                                                          - Irene and Robert Gottesman
                                                                                         Parents of Benjamin '02, Orly '05 and Elaine '09

Join this list of of people who have chosen to generously support Frisch students by making a pledge to the Abraham Kremer Memorial Scholarship Campaign - visit and make your gift today!
Frisch students need you!

The Gottesman Fund
Jill and David Blumenthal '77
Carol and Rodney Grundman
Monique and Mordecai Katz
Batya and Nachman Paul
Rebecca '94 and Gil Feldman
Sharon and David Rauch
Rena and David Schlussel
Gabriella and Yaron Bareket
Jill and David Blumenthal '77
Fariba and Emanuel Hedvat
Amy and Myron Eagle
Alisa '89 and Jonathan Gellis '89
Barbara and Simcha Hochman
Lori and Kevin Lemmer
Adam Schorr
Alissa and Samuel Zagha
Beth '79 and Samuel '79 Bernstein
Hannah-Jean and Bruce Brafman
Marvin Eiseman
Esther and Morton Fridman
Joanne and Jeffrey Ingerman
Alisa and Jeffrey Kigner
Aviva and Paul Rolnick '89
Ronnie and Marc Schlussel
Lois Blumenfeld and Norman Sohn
Sheri and Craig Tendler
Ruth and Edward Lubat
Felicia and David Bieber
Anne and Jerry Gontownik
Irene and Robert Gottesman
Jeanette and Martin Heistein
Randi and Michael Silvermintz
Mindy and Eli Davidoff
Elke and Kalman Stein
Bashi and Howard Tepper
Allison and Elliott Adler
Shirley and Hadley Bach
Patricia and Samuel Borodach
Doryne, Milt, Jordan, Alana & Mikey Davis
Ellen and Michael Muss
Susan and David Rosenbaum
Leah Krakinowski and Andrew Silberstein
Andrea and Ronald Sultan
William Zeitz
Sara and Edson Atwood
Debbie and Mark Berman
Rosalie and Lawrence Berman
Ilse Blumenthal
Judy and Martin Braun
Susan and Joel Burstein
Laurel and Rabbi Asher Bush
Fredelyn Engelberg , Ph.D.
Talia and Yair '98 Hindin
 Rhonda R. Kamen
Orly and David Kaniel
Rena and Marshall Katz
Margot and Leon Krebs
Rachelle and Samuel Landau
Laura and Ilan Ledner
Dena and Mark Levie
Rita and Herbert Lowenstein
Bryna and David Malitzky
Marcy and Jeffrey Manas
Aviva and Samuel Ramras
Robin Rosenbaum
Saranne Rothberg
Ilona and Burton Surick
Andrew Tepper '08
Shira and Arthur Weiner
Maida and Arthur Yagoda
For more information please contact Rachel Roth, Director of Development at or at (201)267-9100 ext.290

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