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Monday, February 13, 2012

A Night of Learning for All Ages

Girls Night Out at Kosher Experience in Teaneck
Rabbis Fleischmann and Zauderer learning with Alumni at Queens College
Rabbi Schachter learning with Alumni at NYU

Our Students:

Over 100 Frisch students took part in learning programs this past Thursday night. The night began with the regular Mishmar program in Frisch given by Rabbi David Sher and was followed by separate learning programs for both the young men and the young women.

The boys traveled to Yeshiva University, and after enjoying a quick bite of delicious Israeli cuisine at the famous Golan Heights restaurant, headed out for chavruta learning with Frisch Alumni and heard a shiur from a YU Rosh Yeshiva. The night was capped off with a trip to the YU seforim sale.

The girls traveled to Kosher Experience in Teaneck. They enjoyed a wide variety of tasty food, which was followed by chavruta learning with Frisch Alumni. The amazing night ended with a presentation by our very own Mrs. Rachel Besser.

Our Alumni:

On Thursday night, February 9, 2011 Rabbis Ciner and Schachter visited Frisch alumni at New York University, while Rabbis Michael Zauderer and Neil Fleischmann visited Frisch alumni presently studying in Queens College.

The Queens event was held in the Hillel House were Rabbi Zauderer presented a shiur on the Aseret HaDibrot entitled “Ten Down, Five Across,” which delved into the deeper meanings and practical lessons of the “Ten Commandments.” There was a great showing of well over 30 Frisch graduates presently living and studying in Queens.

The NYU event was held at the Bronfman center in conjunction with the OU's JLIC - Jewish Learning Initiative on Campus program. Rabbi Schachter presented a shiur entitled "Our Torah and Internal Morals" about the ethical and halachic implications of the "Ten Commandments". There was a great showing of well over 20 Frisch graduates presently living in NYU and neighboring colleges.

In addition to the presentations the students and teachers on both college campuses spent a lively hour plus catching up and reconnecting while enjoying cholent and other snacks. A meaningful time was had by all. The students are looking forward to the next Frisch visit.

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