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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just in time for Digital Learning Day: New School-Wide Online Math Program

The math department at Frisch is excited to announce that starting today we are offering all our students a free 60 day trial online subscription to HotMath. HotMath is an online math textbook based website that is currently used in over 10,000 schools.

HotMath provides online step-by- step explanations for the odd-numbered problems in over 300 math textbooks, including most of the textbooks we use in our 33 sections of math at The Frisch School. The only exceptions currently are the texts used in Honors Geometry, AP Statistics, AP Calculus and one 11th grade Algebra 2 class. Rather than having your student sitting at home possibly confused about their math homework, they will now be able to go online and get a line by line explanation with hints of how to solve every odd numbered problem in the book. Also, HotMath provides math videos with real teachers and printer-ready notes on several hundred topics ranging from Pre-Algebra to Calculus.

HotMath’s resources though are not limited to the questions in your child’s math textbook. Additionally, HotMath provides wonderful tutorials through flash videos or printable written instructions on how to use the TI graphing calculators. Lastly, HotMath also offers various math related activities and games. These are all wonderful supplemental resources to the top-notch in-school instruction that your child is currently receiving at Frisch.

Tomorrow, your child’s math teacher will be walking them through the wonderful resources of HotMath. We are pleased to be able to offer this exciting math tool at no cost to you and would like to continue this subscription past the 60 day free trial. All we need is need positive feedback from you!! So at the end of the 60 day free trial, we will be sending out a short survey to both you and your child to see if you would like Frisch to continue this subscription.

-Mrs. Sabrina Bernath

Chair of the Math Department

The Frisch School

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