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Thursday, January 26, 2012

We are in the office...

Dear Parents, Alumni and Friends,

Although Frisch students are on vacation, the Frisch office is open and we are working on our annual dinner campaign. We are so pleased with the response so far but we are hoping to surpass all prior records for funds raised.

The dinner is only 10 days away and the biggest challenge for us is that it takes place only 6 days after the end of winter break. Therefore, we are asking the following:

If you would like make a donation and be included in our Scroll of Honor please visit or email Every donation at every level makes a difference.
If you are planning to join us at the dinner -- and we hope that you are -- please return your response card or RSVP online at or email

Thank you so much in advance and thanks to the following families and community supporters who have already come forward in support of our school.


Jill and David ’77 Blumenthal

Monique and Mordecai Katz

Tammy and Ken Secemski



Susan and Michael Edwards

Master Bond

Chai Benefactor

Drazie and Ben Ashkenazy

Alissa and Sam Zagha

Diamond Benefactor

Sheryl and Ernest Elias

Hillel Goldstein

Platinum Benefactor

Hannah-Jean and Bruce Brafman

Mort and Esther Fridman

Anne and Jerry Gontownik

Carol and Rodney Grundman

Jeanette and Martin Heistein

Miriam and Dan Michael

Anita and Jerome Milch

Debbie ‘80 and Sam Moed

Sharon and David Rauch

Florence and Robert Rothman

Gold Benefactor

Brown & Brown Metro, Inc.

Deborah and Ira Palgon

Felicia ’88 and Moshe Zwebner

Silver Benefactor

Judi and Arthur Goldberg

Irene and Roby Gottesman

Barbara and Simcha Hochman

Robin and Mark Hoenig

Janet and Kenny Hoffman

Julie and Richard Lobel

Tammy and Kenny Schaum

Ronnie and Marc Schlussel

Sharon and Jonathan Sherman

Sheryl and Stanley Turitz

Alan Wasserman



Beth ’79 and Sam ’79 Bernstein

Amy and Myron Eagle

Rebecca ’94 and Gil Feldman

Alisa ‘89 and Jonathan ’89 Gellis

Ilana and Stuart Goldberg

Ruth and Ed Lubat

Aviva and Paul Rolnick ‘87

Michele and Joseph Safra

Rena Donin and David Schlussel

Ellen and David Teitelbaum

Arianne and Moshe ‘92 Weinberger


Ellen and Morris Bienenfeld

Mindy and Eli Davidoff

Marvin Eiseman

Susan and Kenny Greif

Janet and Lior Hod

Shira ‘88 and Seth Levine

Meryl and Joseph Mark

Sara ‘80 and Richie Schlussel

Elana and Jonathan Silber

Cindy and Abe Steinberger

Chai Sponsor

Shari and Robert Alter

Rona and Henry Anhalt and Family


Dr. and Mrs. Yaron Bareket

Felicia and David Bieber

Sara and Rabbi Yaakov Blau

Joshua ’96 and Aryeh ’04 Buchsbayew

Esther and Ben Chouake

Caron and Steve Gelles
Michael ‘87 and Elissa Katz’90

Alisa and Jeffrey Kigner

Tanya and Gary Krim

Ruth Borgen and Simmy Lauer

Lori and Kevin Lemmer

Sheryl and Aaron Liberman

Batya and Nachman Paul

Dena and Sheldon Pickholz

Chavie and Ira Roth

Denise and Marc Setton

Andrea and Ronald Sultan

Sunday Morning Alumni Basketball

Susan and David Tessel

Amy and David Turner


Patty and Sam Borodach

Faye and Doron Cohen

Friends of Tammy Schaum

Ilana and Tony Glickman

Lisa and Steven Gronowitz

Aviva Appleman and Yitzhak Jacobowitz

Janice and Saul Levine

Quality Frozen Foods

Riki and Robert Rimberg

Ruth and Phillip Roth

Rena and Douglas Soclof

Norman Sohn

3nom Solutions- Abe Sasson ‘98


Idit and Jonathan Agus

Alle Processing

Astoria Realty – The DiBella Family

Dial Global

Michele ’82 and Jody ’82 Bardash

Renee and Howie Blumenfeld

Judy and Martin Braun

Cindy and Aaron Dobrinsky

Gail and Richard Dukas

Talia and Michael Farbowitz

Eve and Heshy Feldman

Rella Feldman and family

John J Flemm Foundation

Deborah and Howard Goldschmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gross

Barbara & Gil Irwin and family

Deena ’80 and Daniel Jarashow

Laurie and Jerry Kasdan

Claire and Ben Kershenbaum

Ester and Jack Kirsch

Esther and Warren Levie

Ellen and Michael Muss

Deena and Gilad Ottensoser

Suzanne and David Prince

Penny and David Rabinowitz

Noah, Zachary ’09 and Zoë ’13 Rothblatt

Monica and Samuel Shapiro

Sherman and Gordon P.C.

Randi and Michael Silvermintz

Sheva and Edward Solomon

Tammy ‘82 and Howard Spielman

Janet and Mattis Stavsky and Family

Elke and Kalman Stein

Robin and Justin Straus

Want and Ender

Louise and Harvey Wolinetz

Raquel and David ‘82 Zeitz


Advanced Data Systems

Bergenfield Women’s Health

Nancy and Eric Fremed

Jay Friedman and Tenafly Psychiatric Associates

Ner Mitzvah

NJ Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

NK Originals

Primary Key Solutions

REM Holdings

RSN Specialties

Judith Heistein Sabba ’02 and Daniel Sabba

Leah Krakinowski and Andy Silberstein

Sanders and Stein Carpet Company

Penina and Thomas Weinberger

Elaine and Mark Weitzman

ZBS Realty


Josh and Malkie Bernheim

Design N Stitch

Diamond Insurance

Alyssa & Ari Ebrahimoff

Susie and Kalman Fishbein

Beverly and Andrew Geller

Michelle and David Gellman

The Gershen Group

Debbie and Michael Gottlieb

Green & Ackerman

Linda and Mark Gruenbaum

Rebecca and Marc Herman

Elaine Keigher

Lark Street Music

Lincs II

Medical Multispecialty Assoc

Mildan Partners

Sherry and Larry Milstein

Mobile Diagnostic Solutions, LLC

Moonlight Pediatrics

The Natural Spot Corp.

Pike Construction Co., L.L.C.

Samad Brothers, Inc.

Beth and Joel Selter

Debbie and Siggy Stein

The Homeward Bound Dentist

Tuv Taam

Teaneck Dentist

David and Haya Tepper

Tikvah and Aryeh Wiener

Linda & Jay Zucker


A & B Gefilte Fish

A & H Products

Mira Abramsohn ‘01

Accurate Alarm

Allison and Elliot Adler

Sheryl and Rabbi Yosef Adler

Agri Star

Alan Party Rental

Amy and David Albalah

Lee and Neal Alexander

Dr. & Mrs. Bram Alster

Matilda and Marvin Anhalt


ANS Construction

Ariel's Restaurant - Creative Kosher Restaurants

Marc and Miriam Aron

Daniel Atwood ‘10

Sara and Edson Atwood

Rhonda and Jeff Avner

BT Electric

Bagel City

Dr. Alex and Mrs. Yael Bailey '91

Jessica Bartel ‘02

Debra and Michael Bashist

Rabbi Shalom & Mrs. Debbie Baum

Beigel's Baking

Nettie and Nathan Berenholz

Ms. Roni Berg

Miriam and Elie Berman

Susan and Tzvi Berman

Rabbi & Mrs. Moshe Bernstein

B. Katzman Berry

Drs. Marc and Abrah Bessler

Best Glatt


Yvonne Schrenzel Beyer & Howard L. Beyer

Mr. & Mrs. Leon Blankrot

Andrea Blau

Rabbi Binyamin and Mrs. Faith Blau

Yitzchak Blau and Noa Jeselsohn ‘89

Rabbi Yosef and Dr. Rivkah Blau

Blue & White Foods

Bracha and Mark Bluman

Ilse Blumenthal

Bogota Savings Bank

Ellen Botwinick

Lisa and Asher Brukner

Burke Supply (Imperial Bag & Paper Co)

Rabbi Asher Bush

Butterflake Bakery

C & H Cutlery

Cupcakes by Carousel

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Carter

Debbie & Chaim Chaimowitz

Chair Hire Co.

Dianne & Norman Cohen

Marvin Cohen

Compu-Phone, Inc.

Peggy & Art Cottrell

Creative Bag

Cross River Bank

Czin Opticians

J. D'ambrozio Pest Management

Jillian Davidson

Anthony DiBartolo

B. Dinelli for Hair

Dovid’s Fish

East Brunswick Jewish Center

Barry & Linda Eichler

David Elliot

English Department

Executive Caterers

Executive Estates Maintenance and Management

Express Recycling

Eileen Eyerman

Bina & Yossi Faber


Barbara and Ziv Farajun

Cindy ‘88 and David Feigenblum

Reneé and Avromy Fein

Leora and Martin Feinberg

Rachel and Rabbi Jonathan Feldman '93

Deborah and Jeffrey Fine

Valerie Fischman ‘07

Ellen and Alex Flamholz

Abby and David Flamholz

Rabbi Neil Fleischmann

Dr. Deborah Fliegelman

Cheryl and Jay Frankel

Allison ’07 and Michael Fremed ‘07

Rebecca and Rabbi Gerald Friedlander

Friedwald Center for Rehab and Nursing

Rabbi & Mrs. Herbert Frisch

Rena and Moshe Fuchs

Michele Fuld

Mindy & Lewis Furman

Galil Importing

Seth Gerzberg

Susanna and Victor Glass

Shayna and Judah Goldberg

Raymond and Elana Daniels Goldberg

Hannah and Bruce Goldman

Harris and Elli Goldstein and family

Good Earth Landscape

Lawrence B. Goodman & Co.

Joshua Gotlieb

Elaine Gottesman ‘09

Lesley and Judah Greenblatt

Allyson Gronowitz ‘09

Heniya & Zvi Gurevich

Yitzchak Halberstam

Ahuva Warburg Halpern ‘05

Rabbi Menachem Hecht

Rabbi Nathaniel Helfgot & Ms. Rachel Brenner

Sharon and Matthew Herenstein

Mrs. Rimone ’05 and Josh Hersch

Hudson City Savings Bank

Rabbi Shlomo & Freidi Hyman

Mark Infield '79

Rabbi Ari and Debby Jacobson

Madeline Jaffe

Shari Jawetz ’98

Jewish Media Group

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Judson

Toby and Abe Kalker

Sury Kaminetsky

Phyllis and Michael Kann

Betty Kaplan

Rena and Marshall Katz

Katzman Produce

Kenover Marketing

Judy and David Kershner

Barbara & Barry Kessler

Goldie and Marvin Kigler, Joshua'07, Gabriella '08, Aaron '11

Rhonda and Jay Klapper

Aliza and Bruce Klein

Klein’s Ice Cream

Dr. Robert ' 82 and Naomi Klinger and Family

Leah and Rabbi Jonathan Knapp

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Koenig

Serena ‘89 and Paul Koppel

Dr. Eugene Korn & Mrs. Lila Korn

Kosher Salads

Shana and Jamin Koslowe

Susan Fader & Larry Krule

Melanie Kwestel

David Lang ‘10

Edith Lang ‘07

Edye Lang ‘09

Barbara and Michael Lang

Ronit and Richard Langer

Lantev Distributing Corporation

Michael Latzer

The Laundress

Mr. and Mrs. Seth Leavitt

Alan Leben

Elliot & Barbara Lebowitz

Cheryl and Yussie Leiser

Sara and Kenneth Levine ‘83

Leslie and Allen Levinson

Jessica Levner ‘07

Betsy and Lenny Levy

Nessa Heilpern Liben ‘01

Sandee Brawarsky and Barry Lichtenberg


Scott David Lippe, MD

Madison Spine & Physical Therapy

Zvi Marans MD, Howard Apfel MD, David Solowiejczyk MD, Diane Rhee MD

Mr. Anthony Mastandrea

Dr. David Mayerhoff

Stacy and Elliot Maza

Laura J. Miller, Director of College Guidance

Morty and Barbara Minchenberg

Modern Holdings Inc

Monsen Engineering Co LLC

Jerry & Dr. Lili Montag

Esther and David Moskowitz & Family

Russell Moskowitz

Muffin Delite Distributors

Rabbi Shimon Murciano

Murphy Carpet Cleaning

Nassau Provision

Natural & Tasty LLC

Sharon and Daniel Nussbaum

Debbie Pine and Mark Orenshein

Oxygen Imports LLC

Kathi and Jeffrey Packard

Julie and David Papier

Paterson Papers

Careena and Drew Parker


Parkview Pharmacy

PediatriCare Associates

Esther & Harold Perl

Shifra and Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky

Gail and Steven Plotnick

Jim & Renee Purita

Shmiel and Aviva Ramras and Family

Binder/Rebarber Family

Tobe and Mitch Rebhun

Andrea and Benjamin Reichel

Zahava and Hank Reinhart

Reisman’s Bakery


Shelley Rindner

Robin and Josh Rochlin

Julie and Daniel Rosen

Roses By Mark

Tzipora and Rabbi Aron Ross

Naomi and Yechiel Rotblat

Dr. M Houpt & Dr. E. Rubin

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Rubin

Sarah Rubin ‘03

Elana & Malcolm Samad

Sheryl and Bruce Schainker

Aliza and Rabbi Jonathan '94 Schachter

Maren ’97 and Robert ‘93 Scharf

Shira and Yonatan Schechter

Shira and Rabbi Kenny Schiowitz

Brenda and Simon Schlanger

Al & Michael Martin & Lois Schlar ‘07

Lipa Schnitzler

Vicki and Steve Schreiber

Jeany and Scott Schrier

Miriam & Josh '03 Schulman

Charlene and Myron Schulman

Simi Schwartz ‘04

Joseph & Ruth Schwarz

Deena and Michael Seelenfreund

Sefer Israel

Shari and Judah Seidman

Shifra and Larry Shafier

Shaimot Le Geniza

Mrs. Irina Shapiro

Deanne and Leonard Shapiro

Shop Rite

Mr. & Mrs. Abraham Siegelman

Mr. & Mrs. David Siegelman

Mr. Joel Silverman

Dov and Helen Silverstein and Family

Marge & Paul Silverstein

Miriam & Tuvia Silverstein

Moshe and Atara Silverstein and Family

Simcha Candle Corp

Zena Sky

Dana Small ’01

Rabbi Mark ’87 and Michelle Smilowitz

Judy and Herb Speiser

Jessica Spier ‘05

Debbie and Joel Spier

Springfield Group

Daisy Stark and Family

Ms. Jenna Statfeld ‘02

Tzippy '98 & Mark '95 Staum

Ruthie and Eliezer Stavsky

Arielle Stein ‘07

Esther and Jeffrey Stock

Strauss Bakery

Dr. Rebecca Subin

Teaneck Flowers & Gifts

Teaneck Kosher Supermarket

Rebecca Tenzer ‘01

Bashi and Howard Tepper

Upstate Produce

Vera and Nechama Realty

Roberta ‘84 and Leon Waldman

Phyllis Waterstone

Kathy and Lester Weiden

Pinhas Weinberger

Francine and Ari Weisbrot

Phoebe Weisbrot

Moshe Weiss, MD PC

Ilana and Moshe Wertenteil

West Side Foods

The Whalen Berez Group

Lisa Wiener

Deborah Wilen-Cohen ‘80

Chavie & Moshe Wilner

Lisa and Mark Wise

Y & S Coffee Co.

Yo-Boys Teaneck Inc

Young Israel of Monsey & Wesley Hills

Zadies Bake Shop

Rivka and Michael Zauderer

Julia Zelig ‘09

Shaindy and Harold Zudick

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