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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Dear Parents, Alumni, Faculty and Friends,

Wow – it is hard to believe that Shiriyah was only 6 days ago. What an incredible and moving night it was!!!

How blessed we are at Frisch to be a part of such an educational and emotional experience. Every year, when I watch and listen to our talented young men and women, the singing and Ruach never fails to bring tears to my eyes. This year, more than one thousand alumni, parents and grandparents watched this event from all corners of the world as we streamed Shiriyah live for the first time. The connection our students and their families maintain to our school through this very special experience is phenomenal.

Our children were a great source of Nachat at Shiriyah. From the transformative hallways to the beautiful art work, from our own version of Shiriyah-themed "Cake Boss” and “Project Runway” to the singing and the stomp, our students made our yeshiva proud.

Shiriyah is one of the hallmarks of Frisch and has important educational, religious and social aspects. What you experienced in the gym on Thursday night was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the students’ creativity, excitement and camaraderie. Each grade's work included an incredible amount of artistic and dramatic creativity, as well as Torah study. And, almost as inspiring as what the kids can accomplish is the devotion of our children’s teachers, who basically spent an entire week away from home as they spent days and late night at the school guiding each of the teams.

I want to take this opportunity to express my Hakarat HaTov to everyone who helped make this one of the most incredible Shiriyahs ever.

Thank you to our talented administration and faculty who spent countless hours last week advising and working with our students. Thank you to the Frisch office staff for all of their hard work this past week and thank you to our maintenance staff, who, with a smile on their faces helped keep our building in working order.

Thank you to Rabbi Ciner, whose talent, energy and creativity inspires everyone to raise the bar on what can be accomplished in a manner that continually enhances our children's education.

As you know, all of this takes money…lots of money. Frisch can continue to present the best education to our children, but only if we, the parents provide the proper and necessary financial resources. I would like to once again thank everyone who came forward to help sponsor this year's Shiriyah; their names are listed below.

And, as you all know our Annual Dinner campaign, the most important fundraiser of the year, is just three weeks away. I ask you all to consider making a donation to that campaign. Every donation at every level makes a difference and allows us to continue to be the incredible place that we are. Many of you have already donated generously and I thank you for that. But, we are still short of our budgeted goals and we still do not have 100% participation by our parent body. Please, if you haven’t donated yet to the Annual Dinner campaign, do it now. And if you were moved, as I was, by last week’s Shiriyah, please consider increasing your pledge. We need the additional funds and I thank you in advance. Please go to and make your pledge.

I hope everyone has a wonderful vacation.

Thank you and I look forward to greeting you at the Dinner on February 4.

-Martin Heistein


Rona and Henry Anhalt

Stacey and Jay Barth

The Bernstein Family

Karen and Phillip Billet

Patty and Samuel Borodach

Margery and Allan Brauner

Michele and Jeffrey Burbank

Susan and Michael Edwards

Amy and Myron Eagle

Fredelyn and Gil Damari

Arieh Fox

Susie and Kalman Fishbein

Debbie and Phillip Fishel

Mindy and Eddie Goldberg

Anne and Jerry Gontownik

Jeanette and Martin Heistein

Alisa and Jeffrey Kigner

Julie and Richard Lobel

Stacey and Elliot Maza

Debra Pine and Mark Orenshein

Batya and Nachi Paul

Elana and Malcom Samad

Adam Schorr

Tammy and Ken Secemski

Rena and Douglas Soclof

Shira and Seth Levine

Gila and Steven Stone

Alissa and Sam Zagha

Moshe and Zwebner

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